May, 2016
With artist Richard Tuttle as he confirms the hang height of one of his works in the Linda Pace Collection, San Antonio, Texas


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Twitter: @marymikelstump
Instagram: @msquaredstump


MARY MIKEL STUMP currently serves as the Director of Audience Engagement at the Washington State Historical Society and History Museum. She provides oversight for Exhibits, Public Programs, Education, and Heritage Outreach for the Society. Prior to her position at the Washington State Historical Society, she worked as Director of Exhibitions at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, Texas, from. 2015 - 17, where she was responsible for curatorial, administrative, exhibition development/design, and installation oversight for the Russell Hill Rogers Galleries, as well as the SSA's ancillary exhibition spaces. Before that, Stump served as Director of the University Galleries at Texas State University from 1997 to 2015. Throughout her career, she has curated, developed, and designed exhibitions while also maintaining a freelance design practice.

In addition to designing,  jurying, curating, and writing for a number of independent projects, Stump collaborated on a mobile media interpretation application for museums called Musing. She has also designed and facilitated exhibition evaluations for museums focused on visitor experience and exhibition content.

Stump holds an MA in Museum Studies from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, and a BFA in Studio Art from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. Additionally, she studied design at the University of Washington in the College of Built Environments from 1984-88.



2017 [April] – Present
Director of Audience Engagement, The Washington State Historical Society | History Museum
Leads the Washington State Historical Society’s efforts to provide meaningful history-based and cultural experiences for audiences at the Washington State History Museum and within the larger community.  

Working alongside the Society's Director to define the museum’s strategies for programming, engagement, and learning, as well as ensuring the integration of exhibit, outreach, and education staff at the Washington State History Museum, the Director of Audience Engagement oversees the development and delivery of the museum's exhibition schedule,  public programming, and educational programming, both on-site and within the local and statewide community. 

2015 [July] – 2017 [April]         
Director of Exhibitions, The Southwest School of Art (SSA), San Antonio, Texas

  • Develops/curates/designs 12-15 exhibitions of visiting artists per year
  • Curates two special exhibition initiatives per year
  • Manages three major exhibition galleries and four ancillary galleries, totaling over 6,000 square feet
  • Public programming/outreach: lectures, panels, gallery talks, fundraising events, interpretive events
  • Develops relationships with Board members, donors, and patrons
  • Oversees all operational aspects of galleries
  • Hires and supervises gallery Preparators
  • Sets annual budget for operations, logistics, and exhibitions
  • Collaborates on content for all gallery publications and collateral materials
  • Represents the SSA at functions/committees across the city of San Antonio
  • Facilitates annual Linda Pace Foundation Visiting Artist Lecture
  • Develops content for exhibition catalogs1997 – 2015 [June]               

Director, The Texas State University Galleries, San Marcos, Texas

  • Mounted 15-20 exhibitions per year, on average
  • Curated two-four special exhibitions per year
  • Managed four exhibition spaces totaling approximately 5500 square feet
  • Managed Permanent Collection (started in 2005, securing 130 donated works to date)
  • Trained and supervised gallery Preparators
  • Public programming/outreach: lectures, panels, gallery talks, workshops, symposia, fundraising events
  • Co-developed MUSING, a mobile media app for in-gallery interpretation
  • Planned and facilitated gallery receptions/events associated with programming
  • Responsible for maintaining online presence: social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) and galleries' website content
  • Set annual budget for operations, logistics, and exhibitions
  • Cultivated development relationships with donors and patrons
  • Managed Permanent Collection
  • Managed contracts, shipping, installation, publications, events, curriculum initiatives/exhibition outcomes
  • Wrote and developed visual and copy content for all gallery publications and collateral materials

Independent Curator & Exhibition Designer

Program Faculty, School of Art & Design, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
     Courses developed/taught:  Architectural Rendering, Visual Presentation Techniques, Visual Literacy

1988 - Present         
     Space Planning; Architectural Illustration and Rendering



Walker Pickering: Esprit de Corps, San Antonio Express News Photography Gallery, The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX
Elizabeth Chiles: On My Mind, Again, Urschel Gallery, The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX
Will Henry: Remote Viewing, Russell Hill Rogers Gallery II, The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX
Seth Orion Schwaiger: Complex 2, Russell Hill Rogers Gallery I, The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX
Hadar Sobol, Russell Hill Rogers Gallery II, The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX
Mona Marshall: Three Stories About Water, Russell Hill Rogers Gallery I, The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX
TEXAS DRAWS: A Survey of Drawing in Texas, Russell Hill Rogers Gallery I & II, The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX
Caitlin G. McCollom: The Cloud of Unknowing, Urschel Gallery, The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX

 Stephanie Liner: Momentos of a Doomed Construct, Russell Hill Rogers Gallery II, The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX
Harvey Wang: From Darkroom to Daylight
FORMED: A Survey of Ceramics by Dennis Smith & Friends, Russell Hill Rogers Gallery I & II, The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio [Catalog, Curator's Essay]
Jayne Lawrence, Contact, Russell Hill Rogers Gallery II, Southwest School of Art, San Antonio
Angela Piehl, Feral Beauty and Opulent Decay, The Oklahoma State University Art Museum [Curator's Essay, Exhibition Design]

Laurie Frick and James Sterling Pitt: Pattern Language
Selections From The Bearden Project at The Studio Museum Harlem
 ...and Introducing: Jonathan Faber, Dana Frankfort, and Jessica Mallios
DeLUX/ReDUX [a group exhibition of repurposed artworks]
Lauren Simonutti: The Devil’s Alphabet
Richard Martinez: Paintings For Now
Five Gyres, The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University
The Torch Is Passed [co-curated with Dr. Lynn Denton], Alkek Special Collections, Texas State University

 MPath [featuring Robyn O'Neill, Ewan Gibbs, Mads Lynnerup, Kerry Skarbakka, Caleb Cole, Angela Fraleigh, Katie Horan, Heyd Fonetnot, Nigel Grimmer, Hadar Sobol, and Ryan Everson] New Century Modern [contemporary ceramics, co-curated with Michel Conroy and featuring Peter Beasecker, Sally Brogden, Sam Chung, Heather Mae Erickson, Steven Heinemann,
     Maren Kloppmann, Jim Lawton, Mark Pharis, Tim Rowan, and Munemitsu Taguchi]

Collection Selections [selected gifts to the Permanent Collection]

 w. tucker: to stand in a boat that floats
Del Harrow: Aggregating Volumes / Gradient Fields
Colby Bird: House Lamps

SUBstainability, Co-curated with Dr. Andy Campbell  [featuring Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Dario Robleto, Eve Andrèe Laramèe, David Maisel, Jonathan VanDyke, David Maisel, Jeanne Quinn,
      Kiki Smith, Anthony Campuzano, Enrique Martinez Celaya, Darren Waterston, Alex DaCorte, Wendy Kawabata, Susan Skilling, Andrew Sendor, Anne Siems, Mark Mumford, Mark
      Newport, Enrique Martinez Celaya, Darren Waterston, Alex DaCorte, Sherry Markovitz, Marie Watt, Whiting Tennis, Ivan Lazano, Loren Erdrich, Chris Sauter, and Sarah Sudhoff]

Wild Kingdom [featuring: Helen Altman, Kate Breakey, Candace M. Briceño, Debra Broz, Malcolm Bucknall, Mark Calderon, Claire Cowie, Chad Curtis, Chris Engman, Claudia Fitch, Sol
      Hashemi, Victoria Haven, Roxanne Jackson, Jules Buck Jones, Lori Kella, MyeongBeom Kim, Ted Kincaid, Tania Kitchell, Charles Krafft, Leigh Anne Lester, Beauvais Lyons, Lisa Ludwig,
      Sherry Markovitz, Paul McMullan, Steven Miller, Leslie Mutchler, Robyn OíNeil, Joseph Phillips, Michael Roch, Francis Schanberger, Isaac Smith, Shawn Smith, Adam Sorensen, Erick
      Swenson, Maki Tamura, Darren Waterson, Paula Winokur, Alice Wheeler, Wayne White, Susan Whyne, Blade Wynne, and Claude Zervas]
Hana Hillerova & Susie Rosmarin: Reciprocal

Randy Bolton & Margaret Meehan: New Fables For Our Time
Vincent Falsetta & Jessica Halonen: Spinode

On, Of, or About [50 paper works]
Alyson Fox, Misako Inaoka, Mimi Kato: What Is Isn’t
Jeanne Stern: Shadow Tiger

Splendid [curated group exhibition focusing on women’s’ use of decorative motif in Post- Modern ceramic sculpture featuring Erin Furimsky, Holly Hanessian, Rain Harris, Sin-Ying Ho,
      Tsehai Johnson, Colleen Tolledano and Jeanne Quinn
John Bailly: Pax Romana
FATHOM: Water as Concept, Content & Context [curated group exhibition featuring Anthony Goicolea, Michael Bise, Ross Palmer Beecher, Samantha Krukowski, Shaun O’Dell, Jeanne
      Stern, Liz Ward, Ed Wicklander, Karin Stack, and Claude Zervas]

Loyal Opposition [curated group exhibition featuring Mel Chin, Peat Duggins, Paul Beck, Chris Jordan, William Kentridge, Linda Larsen, Glenn Ligon, Kerry James Marshall, Mark Newport,
      Roger Shimomura, Kara Walker and David Wojnarowicz]

Squeak Carnwath: Short Stories
Linnea Glatt: Split Second
Now and Then: Contemporary and Early Texas Artists [curated group exhibition pairing Early Texas artists with contemporary Texas painters]

Mildred Howard: In the Line of Fire & Crossings
Tim Roda: Fragments I
Drew Daly: Fragments II
Mari Omori: Material Witness

Wayne White: New Work
Lesley Dill: Speak And Be Spoken To
Sharon Englestein & Katherine Taylor: PITH
William Betts: Paintings
Cig Harvey & Tom Sale: Figuratively Speaking
Robert Stuart: Recent Works
100 Years of Latino Presence, Wittliff Gallery, Texas State University


Critical Mass [curated group exhibition featuring Virginia Fleck, Lauren Levy, Bean Finneran, Nicole Havekost, John Salvest, and Patrick Renner] (2004)
George Krause: Sfumata (2004)
Curious Music: Alternative Photographic Processes (2004)
Fred Spaulding: Building Materials (2004)
Cheryl Dietz: New Works (2003)
Anita Powell: New Ceramics (2003)
Texas Printmakers (2003)
Kimowan McClain: There Are Four Kinds Of Stories (2001)
Yoshiko Shimano: Requiem (2001)
Dennis Fagan & Robert Williams (2001)
Dalton Maroney: Paintings and Objects (2001)
Carol Kumata: installations (2000)
Anne Siems: Paintings and Drawings  (2000)
Teel Sale & David Iles (2000)
Betsy Eby: New Works (1999)
George Zimbel: Photographs (1999)
Jim Sherraden & Hatch Show Prints (1999)
Jon Flaming: Paintings and Sculptures (1999)
Janna Fulbright, Karen Hogensen, and Dottie Love (1998)


Karen Mahaffy: Accumulated Erosions, Russell Hill Rogers Gallery II, The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX
Jayne Lawrence: The Other Side of Logic, The Hardesty Arts Center, Tulsa, OK

Tell Me What You Think of Me [curated by Leslie Moody Castro]
Hills Snyder: Steam

Deb Sokolow: All Your Vulnerabilities Will Be Assessed
Katrina Moorhead, Some Objects About Some Thoughts
Francesca Fuchs, Again Once More
Beili Liu: Amass, a site-specific installation

Temporary Services: Socialized Media—Designated Drivers, Interactive Records, and a Booklet Cloud

Liz Rodda: Altered States
Garth Walker: Confession of a Design Thief
BOX 13: The Right To Assemble

William Lamson: A Line Describing the Sun
Robert Jackson Harrington GENERATOR: An Exploration in Potential Systems
Up Against the Wall: Posters of Social Protest

Equilibrium: Body As Site
Okay Mountain: Big Strange Mystery
Two Worlds: Selections from the Borderland Youth Project
Mark Schatz: Signs of Life

Marjorie Moore: Wunderkammer
Mexico, The Revolution and Beyond: The Casasola Archives 1900-1940
Culture Lab Collective

LBJ: The White House Years [photographs of Yoichi R. Okamoto]

TRUE TO FORM: Selected Works From the Sculpture Network of Texas
FORM FOLLOWS: Selected Works From the Student Members of the Sculpture Network of Texas

Julia Barello: SWIRL

Jeff Shore & Jon Fisher: LIVEFEED


American Serigraphs (2005)
Texas Clay III (2004)
Susan Davidoff & Rachelle Thiewes: Veils, A Collaborative Installation (2004)
Kevin Kennedy: Recent Works (2003)
Patricia Hernandez: Paintings (2003)
Martha Gannon: New Works (2002)
Jennifer Odem and Elona Van Gent: Constructing and Construing  (2001)
Fibers Collective, curated by Karen Mahaffey (2000)
John Salvest: Busy Hands (1999)
Benito Huerta: Untitled Opera (1998)
Bert Long & Constance Kelly: The Beginning, The End, The Beginning  (1998)


Richard Tuttle
Carolee Schneemann
Dario Robleto
Janet Echelman
Jonathan VanDyke
Eve Andrèe Laramèe
William Lamson
Jeanne Quinn
Bean Finneran
Squeak Carnwath
Mildred Howard
Organized/Moderated Panel: Kate Bonansinga & Rachele Thiewes
Organized/Moderated Panel: Educational Borders: An Interdisciplinary Forum (2010)
Organized/Moderated Panel: Loyal Opposition: Art As A Vehicle For Protest and Dissent (2007)
Sculpture Symposium, (Fall 2006)
 Organized Panel: Texas Clay III, (Fall, 2005)


Art Fiction, Rino Pizzi, organizer [2016]
Museum Evaluation of LOFT Interpretive space, The Contemporary Austin [February – April, 2015]
Museum Evaluation of visitor movement/orientation to galleries, The University Galleries, Texas State University [October – December, 2014]
Co-wrote/developed MUSING, an in-gallery mobile media app for enriched learning environments (with Grayson Lawrence, School of Art & Design, Texas State University
     and Dr. Dan Tamir, Dept. of Comp. Science, Texas State University), [2012- 2015]
Exhibition Design, "Celebrating 75 Years of Graduate Learning, " Alkek Library, Texas State University[2014]
Exhibition Design, “100 Years of Women at Texas State University,” Alkek Library, Texas State University [2013]
Annual Gallery Collateral Material and Exhibition Guides, The Texas State University Galleries, [1997- 2015]


Juror, Rising Eyes of Texas, Rockport Center for the Arts, Rockport, TX [2017]
Juror, Berlin Artist Residency, Bluestar Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas [2016]
Juror, American Alliance of Museums MUSE Awards - Interactive category [2014]
Texas Commission on the Arts, State Artist of Texas Selection Sub-Committee [2012, 2014]
Nominator, Doctorow Prize, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art [2014]
Chair/Organizer, 100-4-100 Scholarship Fundraiser, Texas State University [2008, 2010, 2013]
A Clean And Lighted Place (reader), Texas Biennial, Austin, Texas [2013]
Texas Biennial 13, The Texas State University Galleries [2013]
Nominator, Texas Prize, Arthouse, Austin, Texas [2011]
Texas Biennial 11, The Texas State University Galleries [2011]
Lecture, UT LAMP, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University of Texas, Austin, Texas [2011]
Juror, Ahead of Their Time, Arthouse at the Jones Center, Austin, Texas [2010]
Portfolio Review, Ahead of Their Time, Arthouse at the Jones Center [2009]
Juror, Form Follows, Sculpture Network of Texas [2007]
Juror, All School Exhibition, Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, Texas [2007]
Gallery Talk, "Justice for All?: Artists Reflect on the Death Penalty," M2 Gallery, Houston Texas [2006]
Juror, Form Follows, Sculpture Network of Texas [2006]
Symposium Organizer, Sculpture Network of Texas, Texas State University [2006]